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 On the right, pictured left to right are Jack Harper, Julie Helsen, Sarah Cawley, Alan Kindt and Alex Hudak.  The Foundation donated almost $4,000. to the Bozeman Public Schools to purchase devices that allow students who can't communicate orally, to do so by pushing buttons to play prerecorded messages.  The funds came from the Gustav and Gladys Kindt Foundation in Wisconsin. 
Julie and Sarah are Speech Language Therapists with the Bozeman school system.



Gallatin Empire Lions Foundation


The Gallatin Empire Lions Foundation (GELF) was formed in 1983 as an arm of the Gallatin Empire Lions Club (GELC), to meet medical, educational and other needs of individuals in the local community, with a focus on sight, speech, and hearing. It was originally created to fund those needs by spending the interest the Foundation Principal Account earned. The Foundation is primarily funded by donations of aluminum cans into recycling bins at Kmart, Chamber of Commerce, the Old Buttery's Plaza, and Albertson's. Monetary donations from individuals and memorials, as well as from the GELC via fundraisers, have also helped the Foundation grow.

Last fiscal year, GELF received nearly 50 requests and granted the majority of them, ranging from eye exams and glasses, orthodontics, anti-organ rejection transfusions, rent, utilities, and transportation.

Anyone with special needs is encouraged to apply for a grant. All applications are kept confidential and are reviewed by the board. Grants are based on financial needs which arise due to circumstances such as catastrophic injury or illness, handicaps, unemployment and unfortunate situations.

If you know of an someone in need who may qualify for assistance, or wish to contribute to the Foundation, please contact us.


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